Our bison are grass fed on regeneratively managed pastures.

This means our animals are moved to fresh grass approximately every three weeks. This allows the grass to regrow quickly and the animals are not left eating short grass close to where the manure is laying which reduces parasite load.

The same is true for winter feeding. When we are feeding our bison hay, the bales are set out and unrolled on fresh ground every 3 to 4 days.

Generally bison cows are handled once a year when they are weaned and vet checked. This keeps the stress levels to a minimum  and our cows are happy.

 We also prefer to harvest our bison at home rather than hauling them to an abattoir. Keeping stress levels to a minimum is a huge bonus for premium quality meat.

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Birch Creek Farms is a multi generational family farm founded in 1958.

Initially the farm was a dairy and hog operation founded by the late Adrian Hamoen after immigrating from the Netherlands in 1948.

It was then passed down to Case and Dinie Hamoen in 1975 as a farrow to finish hog farm and grain farm. Case and his son Adrian began to diversify the farm into bison in 1997.


Adrian, along with his wife Jaqueline and their five children took over the farm in 2003 as a hog, grain and bison operation. Currently the farm is a custom hog feeding operation for Adrian's brother as well as a bison Farm,

Adrian and Jacqueline hope to pass the farm down to their son Brett Hamoen, in the future.


Birch Creek Farms takes pride in having a top tier bison herd. We are raising all natural, steroid free, grass fed bison and are committed to our customers, giving them the very best quality product.